Our Boy- Gizmo

Registered Name:
Dobosz Dobry Rok

Date of Birth:
March 14, 2015

KC #:

Health Information

Hips: BVA 5:7 (Good)

Patella: OFA Normal (KCS-PA5046/12M/P-VPI)

Eyes: CERF/OFA Cleared (KCS-EYE2387/12M-VPI)

Heart: OFA Normal (KCS-CA8015/12M/P-PI)

Country of Origin: Poland

Weight: 11.7 lbs

Height: 11 inches

About Gizmo

Gizmo is an incredibly handsome and loving blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel imported in from Poland. He may be the most loving and sweetest Cavalier we have ever owned or met. He’s so cuddly and so affectionate. He’s extremely patient and gentle. Our 2 year old daughter can pick him up without him losing his patience or running away. 

He has a beautiful thick coat and extremely good personality. Everyone loves Gizmo because of his incredibly loving disposition. Gizmo is our smallest stud Cavalier. He’s only 11 inches tall and weighs only 11.7 lbs full grown and healthy. But he has perfect confirmation and is absolutely adorable. 

He has his final BVA hip (BVA 5:7) This is equivalent to an OFA “Good” hip rating. He also has been checked by Carolina Tech’s Regional College of Veterinarian Medicine by an ophthalmologist and OFA and has been cleared with OFA for his heart, his eyes and his patellas. Gizmo has been DNA profiled by the AKC and is dual registered with FCI (Polish Kennel Club) and the AKC.

Gizmo’s Pedigree

We are grateful to Wioletta Matusiak for entrusting us with this unbelievable stud. If you study his pedigree you will see that he has multiple championships including Polish, Finnish, Dutch, & multiple United Kingdom/English championships. Also notice that there are generations of health clearances which is the most important.

Champion of Poland Toraylac Mastermind1xCC Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale GB SH  Lanola Santana of Maibee
Maibee Montrose
 GB Champion Lanola Salsa
Maibee DisenchantedGB Champion Pascavale Enchanted
GB Champion Maibee Delicious
Toraylac DidoLoranka’s D’ArtagnanLoranka’s Dance Party
GB Champion Loranka’s Celebration Time
Toraylac ExquisiteGB Champion Homerbrent Expression
Toraylac Dollybird
Kiss Me Dobry RokCrufts Qualifier 2009/2010 3xCC
Bonitos Companeros Corette Rum
Deutscher Jugenchampion Bonitos Companeros Red RumGB Champion Pascavale Jamie
GB Champion Miletree Miesque
Bonitos Companeros Quick StepGB Champion Pascavale Enchanted
Jord-Vinda v.d. lustigen Kommunarden
3xCC Champion Royal Miranda Dobry RokPolish Champion Azalea EntrallingInternational Ch. Miletree Nijinsky’s Secret
International Ch. Royale Highness de la Fieffe au Songeur
European Ch. 2003, Champion of Poland  Miranda Twai z Cisarskeho MlynaStonehill’s West Side Story
Brooke Twai z Cisarskeho mlyna

Pictures of Gizmo

  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6177
  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6181
  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6185
  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6186
  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6188
  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6194
  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6085
  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6095
  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6098
  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6100
  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6109
  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6111
  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6113
  • Trixie_Gizmo_Chewy_Mar17_6117

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